Video Production in Abu Dhabi | Video Editing in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Video Production and Editing UAE

Fafkay Technologies has more than one decades of experience in the video editing domain, catering to global photographers, ad agencies, photo studios, corporates and more. At Fafkay Technologies, we have the resources and skills to edit and transform all type of raw footage into professional videos within a short time.

If you have a large amount of video footage in any format (AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.), and require assistance to merge scenes, rearrange footage, remove unwanted content, sequence the shots, and more we can aid you. We add music/sound, text/ headlines, sub-titles, voice-overs, special effects, creative tilting, animations, and transitions to enrich your existing video footage and make it appear professional.


Video Production in Abu Dhabi | Video Editing in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our Video Editing Services

Fafkay Techology video editing services, and launch successful video content that generates strong results in terms of online views, clicks, and TV viewership. At Fafkay Technologies, we offer a range of video services including –

Wedding Video Editing Services
 GoPro Video Editing Services
 Video Brochure Services
Corporate Video Editing
 Audio Editing
 Real Estate Video Editing
 Holiday Video Editing Services
 360 Video Editing Services
 Real Estate Drone Video Editing
 Edius Video Editing
 Real Estate Video Tours
 Storyboard Services
 Motion Graphics Services
 Character Design Services
 MP4 Video Editing
 Video Compositing
 Explainer Video Creation Services
 Movie Editing Services
 YouTube Video Editing
 Video Summary Services
 Online Video Editing
 Home Video Editing
 Sports Video Editing
 Video Cropping Services
 Video Trimming Services
 Product Video Editing Services
 Film Re-editing Services
 Video Tagging Services
 Video Stabilizing Services
 Testimonial Video Editing Services
 Virtual Reality Post-production Services
 Drone Video Editing Services
 Video Clipping Services
 Medical Video Editing Services
 Interview Video Editing Services
 Vlog Video Editing Services
 Picture to Video Editing Services
 3D Explainer Video Production Services
  • Background Noise Removal

    Background Noise Removal

    Most video footage is generally filled with shaky images, background noises, and other unwanted elements. At Fafkay Technologies, we remove unwanted elements to create unique, professional videos.

  • Additional Effects

    Additional Effects

    If you are looking to enhance your videos or add special effects, we are here to assist. Our video editors enhance your footages with special effects, transitions, music and sound to help you captivate audiences.

  • Color Correction

    Color Correction

    We correct excess/less color, hues, contrast, color temperature, white balance, brightness, shadows, highlights, and saturation to correct lackluster videos. At times, the video is well shot, some areas appear dull, this impacts the overall video quality.

  • Shot Sequencing

    Shot Sequencing

    Our professional video editors sequence shots that are not properly sequenced in the raw footage provided by the client, to create compelling property videos that play without a hitch

  • Decluttering Footage

    Decluttering Footage

    Videographers sometimes capture areas that do not showcase the properly or include extra minutes in the video that add little or no value. Our editors skillfully remove extra minutes, unclear shots or unwanted footage

  • Stabilizing Drone Footage

    Stabilizing Drone Footage

    We stabilize shaky footage to ensure a clear, stable high-resolution videos

  • Defective Pixel Correction

    Defective Pixel Correction

    If the camera used to capture the video has defective pixels, it hinders the video quality. At Fafkay Technologies, our image editors correct such flaws and provide pristine, high-quality videos in high resolution.

  • Background Score

    Background Score

    At Fafkay Techologies, we are adept at the latest video creation software and enhance videos with background scores or lower thirds.

    Fafkay Technologies offers many advantages to its global clients including attention to detail, commitment to superior quality, affordable costs and much more. We strive for excellence in every project undertaken. The benefits of partnering with us include –

    • Short Deadlines – Our timelines are strictly based on project complexity and the deadline may vary depending on the quality and duration of the footage provided by the client. We work to ensure the finished product is delivered well within the scheduled delivery time.
    • Quality Processes – we adheres to strict ISO quality standards, ensuring quality deliverables for every project within the project guidelines and timeframes.
    • Quality Checks – We perform quality checks at every stage of the video editing process to ensure guidelines are met and work with the client to review and maintain the requirements through completion of a project.
    • Customized Pricing – We align our pricing to fit the scope of the project and overall budget with options for hourly rates, per project rates, and FTE (full-time equivalent) rates. Know more about our video editing rates.
    • Exceptional Data Security – Data security is a primary concern for us. We use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to ensure.
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