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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management

We write and implement PPC Ad campaigns for your brand – ranging from Banner Ads, Text Links, and Image Ads based on Key-word research.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) refers to to the ads that appear within and alongside organic listings on a search engine results page (SERP). The cost for having ads appear on a SERP is based upon two things: cost-per-click (CPC) and keywords. The CPC is determined by the cost of individual keywords, which exist as part of a larger bidding system. Some keywords are more expensive than other, which is why PPC keyword research is essential for identifying certain target keywords.

PPC being part of our services, we understand how vital the roles pay per click ads can play in search engine marketing. Our PPC experts provide wide-ranging PPC services which include and not limited to LinkedIn Advert, Google Adverts, Facebook Adverts, Twitter Adverts and BBM Adverts, as part of ongoing Internet advertising. Some of our PPC strategies include the creation and optimization of ads, management of your daily ad budget, analytics analysis and monthly reporting.

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Assist SEO Keyword Discovery

Through PPC efforts, it’s easier than ever to discover opportunities and converting keywords for SEO campaigns.

Stretch Your Marketing Dollar

By fine-tuning your target keywords lists we’ll help maximize the bang you get for every dollar spent.

Extra Promotion & Syndication Options

Our pro and enterprise plans offer community management message forwarding and audience boost features.

No Long-Term Contracts

You can cancel your PPC management plan at any time. There are no long-term contracts required to get started!

Google Ads Marketing in Abu Dhabi | Google Ads Agency Abu Dhabi

Website Marketing Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Have you noticed that when you browse the internet, the advertisements that appear on the webpages you visit, are oddly familiar to products you’re more likely to purchase (or similar to something you searched for or bought in the recent past)? The holds true for social media platforms, where ads relevant to your interests pop up, capturing your attention. This is no telepathy or mere coincidence. It is the handiwork of our geniuses, who use paid search to generate targeted leads and increase web traffic using well thought out strategies. This is what search engine marketing or SEM is about.

In the fiercely competitive world of social media, it has become a mainstay of digital marketing to drive instant, tangible results for gaining online visibility, achieving your business goals and attracting a faster ROI.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most common form of SEM services.  Digital Media Sapiens offers all sorts of PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads and social media. We take your business goals into consideration and recommend the best way to spend your hard-earned money on online advertising that pulls the crowds and increases conversions.

At our search engine marketing agency, the Campaigns we offer include but are not limited to:

  • SEM Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns

  • Targeted Display Advertising Campaigns

  • Remarketing / Retargeting Advertising Campaigns

  • Product Listing Advertisements

  • Small Business PPC

  • Mobile Advertisement Campaigns

Our team of Social Media Marketing and SEM specialists use their extensive expertise to get you qualified leads and deliver significant results. They are:

  • Quick to understand the brand guidelines and effectively use them in campaigns

  • Well-versed in handling different SEM campaigns for clients in diverse niches

  • Experienced in leading SEM platforms, tools and techniques

  • Analytical in their approach and use data-driven mindset to find befitting solutions

  • Thoroughly aware how to add value to each campaign for maximum revenue generation

Search Engine Marketing in That Skyrockets!

Our agency for search engine marketing in Dubai offers the best paid campaigns using the following processes:

  • Keyword Research – We make sure that you appear in the search results conducted by your target audience.

  • Creation of Ads – From banner ads for Google to social media advertisement, we create top performing ads that will connect you with the right customers at the right time and generate leads.

  • Landing Page Optimization – We create special landing pages for your website that will be custom-designed to receive the traffic from the PPC ads and subsequently, sell.

  • Monitor Campaign Performance – Once the campaign is up and running, we keep a close watch on the performance of the campaigns and the keywords.

  • Conduct Split Testing – We are also adept at running split tests (A/B testing) and measuring the effectiveness of each ad. Based on the results, we strive to create more ads that have performed well in the past.

  • Run Remarketing Campaigns – Have visitors who had shown interest in a product or service? We offer remarketing campaigns that can help convert them.

  • Offer Detailed Reports – We follow a completely transparent approach and make us of the best tools to generate customized, thoroughly detailed reports with demographics, charts and numbers to give you a better idea of the campaigns’ performance.

These combined with smart bidding moves and innovative paid search methods from our media planning and buying agency can effectively lower your CPC (Cost-Per-Conversion). You know what that means – getting more by spending less!

Need More Reasons to Choose us?

  • We’re Google, Bing and Social Media Certified Partners

  • Check what our clients have to say

If speedy search engine marketing result is what you seek, search no more! We’re here to help you with awe-inspiring paid search marketing campaigns. Contact our top-ranked inbound marketing agency today!

PCC Management Plans

Flexible Pricing Plans

We have experience working with large and small businesses and are ready to
develop a targeted strategy and plan that’s just right for you.

Monthly Package

  • $500 - $999/m budget
  • 1 supported platform
  • Google Analytics setup
  • No long term contracts
  • Coordination with SEO
Choose Plan

Monthly Package

  • $1,000 - $1,999/m budget
  • 2 supported platforms
  • Everything in Basic
  • Landing page optimization
  • Call tracking
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Monthly Package

  • $2,000 - $3,500/m budget
  • 3 supported platforms
  • Everything in Essential
  • Ad copy A/B testing
  • Advanced account setup
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