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LinkedIn Ads

What are LinkedIn Ads and what advantages does advertising on LinkedIn for your business, product or service?

LinkedIn Ads can be highly effective both for reaching a professional target audience or for B2B campaigns. LinkedIn, as you may already know, is the quintessential and professional social network on a global scale. With this said, make sure to dedicate a part of your budget towards advertising on LinkedIn!

Though LinkedIn doesn’t have nearly as many users as Facebook has, profiles found on LinkedIn are exclusively those of professionals; profiles like these are almost impossible to identify in the same capacity on other social media platforms.

As time goes on, it becomes more and more challenging to stand out as a business without the aid of LinkedIn Ads.

Advertising Ads

What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads, as the name implies, are paid advertisements shared on LinkedIn. There are three main types of LinkedIn ads available that can be adapted to any company objective or goal. In order to have success with LinkedIn Ads, it’s necessary to have your goals well defined.

Furthermore, it behooves each company to analyze whether or not LinkedIn Ads are actually the right medium for achieving their goals. To squeeze the most out of the best, professional social media platform in the world is not easy but, if you strategize well, it can yield incredible results.

12 Advantages for Advertising with LinkedIn Ads
  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn Ads have unique traits which make them different from the other social networks. If you advertise with LinkedIn Ads, these traits act as an added advantage for your company.
  • Business opportunities. LinkedIn Ads can help you reach both professionals and/or people within the same sector who are a part of their company’s decision-making process. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with a well-defined and specified target audience.
  • Connect with professionals and leaders within your field. It’s not always easy to promote campaigns towards those within the same field. However, with LinkedIn Ads, the process is simplified!
  • Give and receive recommendations from your ‘Connections’. LinkedIn also offers the option of exchanging recommendations and opinions between ‘Connections’ (i.e. contacts). This is a surefire way of improving both your reputation and that of others.
  • Opinions, discussions and forums. There are tons of specialized groups on LinkedIn focused on what truly interests people within a given target market. You too can join these groups! As a part of these communities, you can learn about the most recent innovations within your sector, positioning yourself to be an up-to-date and informed person within your area of expertise.
  • Find the perfect people. LinkedIn Ads are perfect for reaching clients, contacting providers and for recruiting new ‘talent’ for your company.
  • Promotion of your products and/or services. LinkedIn Ads make it easy for you to showcase your products/services to a sector clearly defined as your target market.
  • Track profile visits. LinkedIn Ads will often generate visits and direct contacts via your profile. Thanks to LinkedIn’s integrated statistics software, these actions are easily trackable.
  • Networking and traffic. Networking is LinkedIn’s greatest strength. Furthermore, if you decide to share quality content with your connections, you can also direct quality traffic towards your website and/or blog.
  • Job listings. Even though job listings can be found on other websites as well, on LinkedIn you can review the profiles of those who match specific qualities who are already using the network as digital supplement to their résumé. This being said, it would be hard not to find the right candidates on LinkedIn.
  • Professionals who offer diverse expertise. LinkedIn is full of people with varying expertise within your sector. You can learn from them as well as use them as reference for implementing new ideas and for improving your own company.
  • Connect with other social medias or with your blog. LinkedIn can also be used as an added source of connection. It can easily integrate into your website and can greatly complement it as well. At the same time, it can serve to help as an extra aid in generating content on other social networks.
  • Promotion of courses, seminars and conferences. If you’re going to host a specific training course, LinkedIn is the best place to recruit people and/or those interested in attending.

The cost of LinkedIn Ads (the secret is in optimization)

Some companies that have tried out LinkedIn Ads (without knowing much about the way they work) have come to the conclusion that LinkedIn Ads are “expensive”. With that said, we want to explain more in detail what the minimum budget requirements are. Additionally, we what to call attention to the fact that the key to achieve success here is in the optimization.

The minimums available on LinkedIn Ads:

  • Daily budget of $10.00: per campaign.
  • Total budget of $10.00: per campaign (an optional feature of sponsored content)
  • Minimum bid of $2.00: per CPC or CPM.

What do these prices mean for LinkedIn Ads? In other words, it means you cannot spend more than $10.00 a day, nor can you create a campaign for less. At the same time, it is established that, at least, the CPC/per 1,000 impressions would be equal $2.00.

This may seem to be quite expensive if you compare LinkedIn Ads with other social networks. But remember, the most important part is not that you pay per click/impression, but that you run a successful campaign. How do you run a successful campaign? Maximal optimization of bids and focusing the budget towards ads that will provide the best results. 

3 Types of LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
  • Sponsored content. These are ads which promote content. Using special links, they can be posted on LinkedIn, your blog, your website or on any other platform. The goal here is to increase brand awareness; we want to get people talking about you/your business and to be contacted/followed by people interested in the sector.
  • Sponsored InMail. These Ads can be used to send personalized messages to a specified audience by way of LinkedIn Messaging. This service is very useful for offering specialized content that could result in leads and, through the presentation of your company’s products/services, conversions.
  • Text Ads. If you’re familiar with Google Ads, or you’ve created an ad on another social network before, then you already know how LinkedIn Ads work: They center on creating an attractive text ad that helps to lead members of your target market to your website, to a product landing page or to any other pertinent webpage designed to help you get leads and/or make conversions.
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